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Unique Ability Wins the American Institute of Stress
Award for the Peak Achievement Trainer

The ability to teach users to decrease stress levels
while maintaining focus proves to be important.

GOSHEN, Kentucky -- January 29, 2008 -- Peak Achievement Training ( is proud to announce that the American Institute Of Stress has named its Peak Achievement Trainer as a recipient of the Institute’s 2007 Award for Distinction and Innovation. The American Institute Of Stress is the pre-eminent authority in the area of stress, disease and health. It has served as a watchdog in the area of recognizing products that are effective for stress reduction for over thirty years. High stress levels have a negative impact on people’s health, and contribute to suboptimal performance at work, in sports, or at school.

In making the award, the American Institute Of Stress recognized that the Peak Achievement Trainer has the unique ability to reduce stress by measuring and training the Three Fundamental

Dimensions of Mental Processing - Focus, Alertness, and Awareness. These are all key elements for effectively modulating stress. The Institute based the award on the Peak Achievement Trainer’s unique ability to decrease a person’s over-arousal while maintaining or increasing their focus. By using the Trainer to learn to eliminate distractions from interfering with our concentration, a user can train himself to concentrate better and stay focused. This success also reduces their stress levels.

“We are very honored that the Peak Achievement Trainer has received this award from the American Institute of Stress for its effectiveness,” said Dr. Jonathan D. Cowan, President and Chief Technical Officer of Peak Achievement Training.

“The Peak Achievement Trainer can really help people with concentration and stress problems to improve their lives. Learning to stay focused while reducing excessive arousal and mental effort reduces people’s stress levels. This can help people to perform better at work or to make better grades in school. We know it can also help to lower your golf score or improve your tennis game, as well as to compete in other sports. Being stressed and unable to concentrate at our best affects our mental wellbeing, and prevents us from achieving peak performance and reaching our goals in life,” according to Dr. Cowan.

The Peak Achievement Trainer is the state of the art in mental training. It is based on the latest advances in Neurovideofeedback™ technology, neuroimaging studies, and NASA and Air Force funded research. Neurovideofeedback™ is a method of training the brain to improve itself by letting a person know what their brain is doing from moment to moment, while playing a video of their actions at the same time, so that you can understand the mental patterns associated with expertise.

Dr. Cowan stated that users of the Peak Achievement Trainer include executives at top corporations, professional and collegiate sports teams, Olympic Training Centers, golf pros, the U.S. Army, sport psychologists, performance trainers, spas, day traders, therapists, and the general public.

Sport psychologist Dr. Timmie Pollock wrote about the Peak Achievement Trainer in the magazine of the United States Dressage Foundation:

"Almost every serious athlete can improve performance using the PAT. Potential benefits include:
  • Increased ability to achieve and remain in “the Zone”
  • Improved focus
  • Ability to sustain focus even when fatigued
  • Faster learning
  • Reduction or elimination of “dumb” errors
  • Lessened competitive anxiety
  • Faster recovery from head injuries.
PAT can also help children with their schoolwork and adults to improve organizational skills, work habits, and mastery of work-related tasks and information.

Amateur golfers have been able to knock several points off their games in fewer than five sessions with the PAT…”

There are many advantages and benefits from using the Trainer that are not available with other mental training products. Significant increases in a person’s ability to focus and reduced stress are fast, usually after only three to five short mental training sessions. Improvement in memory follows, especially when also using the new and fascinating Neureka! Protocol, which also improves happiness and awareness. The Peak Achievement Trainer is more responsive to a person’s level of attention, concentration, or interest in what they are doing than anything else that is available. The Trainer is easy to use, and can be used at home, for professional use, and/or by performance trainers. It is a complete, computer-based neurovideofeedback™ program that includes everything but the PC and webcam.

A uniquely enjoyable feature of the Peak Achievement Trainer is that the user can activate any DVD, CD, or an animation file on the training screen based on the level of their focus or alertness/arousal. They can also use a webcam to record a video file of a particular activity, and later play it back while visualizing the activity to see how their focus and alertness have shifted from moment to moment.

The Trainer comes with three basic mental training approaches to measure and enhance the Three Fundamental Dimensions of Mental Processing - Focus, Alertness and Awareness (Neureka!). The Focus Protocol teaches a person how to concentrate more consistently and to learn new material faster and more thoroughly in order to reach peak performance. The Alertness Protocol adds the ability to measure and train the degree of alertness/arousal. They can also be used to measure the degree of concentration, interest, and alertness. The Neureka! Protocol can make a person more aware, and activate the brain system involved with feelings of satisfaction after a new discovery. The Neureka! brain system also makes a person feel happy for a moment, so that they continue to try to make new discoveries. They can train to prolong these feelings of bliss and appreciation, while improving their memory.

People who wish to enhance their performance while minimizing stress may wish to visit the company’s website at to learn more about how an effective solution to lowering stress can improve their lives.


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Now measuring & training the Three Principal Dimensions of Mental Processing: Focus, Alertness, and Awareness!

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