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Now featuring Neurovideofeedback™--monitoring both the body and the brain!

Peak Brain Happiness Trainer
Peak Happiness TrainerThe Peak Brain Happiness Trainer is a complete training system for enhancing feelings of happiness, gratitude, satisfaction and peace; decreasing stress; and increasing awareness and mindfulness by detecting brainwaves (called Neureka!) related to these experiences and showing them to you. The system includes three DVDs and two CDs that were specifically selected to get your mood moving in the right direction. You simply play them inside the large window on the right of the computer's screen. As you begin to feel better, the display will get larger and the music will be louder. With this instantaneous feedback about your feelings, you will soon be able to enhance them by directly activating the brain system that produces these feelings--the Prefrontal Pleasure Center.

The Peak Brain Happiness Trainer is the deluxe version of the Peak Achievement Trainer, which includes special proprietary biofeedback protocols (screens and sounds that respond to your brainwaves) for the Neureka! brainwaves in addition to the Focus and Alertness measurements from the basic Peak Achievement Trainer system. It includes the SensorBand (pictured above), the wireless Transmitter and receiver, batteries, a battery charger, and a special version of BioExplorer. Detailed Manuals and lesson plans are included, as well as support by email and phone, and an hour's consultation about how to use it for your best purposes. All you need is a computer with either Windows XP or Vista which meets the following requirements. Installation is simple enough that a home user can be feeling better within just an hour or two. The more you use it, the better you feel, and the more easily you can reach that special happy place.

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