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The Happi Trainer

Decrease Stress, Increase Happiness, and Enhance Future Health 
by Fundamental Brain Training!

You can learn to control the emotional centers in your brain and become happier, day after day, by using The Happi Trainer.  It restores and strengthens very basic brain systems—those that combine your fundamental biology, such as the dopamine-based reward centers, with the information from your surroundings, to create your experiences. 

Enjoying the Happi Trainer

You can train yourself (and your clients) to be happier in particular situations, and to enhance your general level of positivity, while decreasing your stress.

We know that being happy now can make you healthier in the future, and stressful thoughts can harm your health.  Over 157 studies have shown this conclusively.   Increasing your happiness now can produce better overall health and resistance to illnesses, particularly viral ones.  Even if you get sick, its better to be happy.

You can convert your excess arousal and anxiety--from the stressful present--to the excited happiness you experienced as an athlete, musician, dancer or fan.

How Can You Train Your Fundamental Brain Functions?

Its as simple as what the boy in the picture is doing--looking at the display on the laptop and watching the video (his choice) get bigger as he gets happier and feels better.  The picture also gets brighter as his focus improves, and this combined training also improves his memory.  The improvements from this brainwave biofeedback training (neurofeedback) continue and add up with further sessions.  Published research showed that twelve sessions of training results in increased overall happiness levels for at least four months.  Neurofeedback can be used at any age and helps a wide variety of conditions in addition to your happiness level.

The Trainer Can Help Create a Happy, Healthy Home and Improve Focus and Memory

Set a really useful goal for the time the family is forced to be at home together.  Teach them to improve the most important aspects of life--their happiness, love, gratitude, and satisfaction.  These are all enhanced by our very unique neurofeedback, which we call Neureka!.  It operates at a very high (40 cycle gamma) frequency, and is a vital part of a fundamental brain function--processing and learning new experiences.  This basic brain function also rewards them for the effort required to learn, by creating a variety of positive feelings.

Teaching your children to be happier and more loving is probably a more important life lesson than all the school they are missing.  They (and you) will really like the experience of Happi Training because they can play their favorite DVDs or videos and amplify their positive response to them.  As they do so, the picture gets bigger, so they understand how to improve this fundamental brain function--new learning--and its rewards.  They need to keep the picture bright by focusing, so this also improves with Happi Training.  When they have learned these skills, just five minutes of practice will refresh their mood and improve future self-control.

The family should naturally begin to get along better, and there are many studies which indicate that being happier also improves future success, by making you more likable.  

The Happi Trainer can be set up at home, on any Windows 7-10 PC with an internal DVD Player.  Our Training Videos, Manual, and Quick Guide make using this system as simple as anything else on a computer.  Setting it up on an Apple PC is more difficult, except for one with a Windows partition, so we can't support it.  We also offer laptops customized to run the Trainer, fully installed.  We will offer a coaching and extended support package via the Web.

The Happi Trainer Can Help Health Care Professionals Deal With the Low Moods From the COVID Crisis

Teach your clients a new, really useful skill to help them in these troubled times--changing negative, stressful moods to happy onesMany people really live for the moments of excited happiness that they experience doing or watching joyful pursuits.  These are much harder to find during this crisis.  Since Schacter and Singer's classic study in 1964, we have known that you can change irritated feelings to positive, excited happiness fueled by the same arousal.   

Almost everyone will benefit from increasing their happiness level during calm moments.  We believe that their fundamental biology creates the happiness setpoint that positive psychologists have discovered, and that neurofeedback is the best way to increase its level, over the long term.  Directly training happiness is quicker and more powerful than using meditation indirectly.  This is very different from CBT or positive psychology.  You may be able to prevent suicidal thoughts by training happiness.

You can use The Happi Trainer in your office to supplement your current approaches, or to increase your capacity.  Its far easier on you.  Those who teach mindfulness can combine the two to create Happy Mindfulness by using appropriate instructions during the Happi Trainer sessions.  This will produce a more positive helpful state. 

If getting clients to the office is a problem, you can resell or rent these very portable Trainers to your clients.  You can create a package offering in which you set the clients up in the office or at home via Team Viewer to use their Windows laptops and then support their home training with occasional office or Team Viewer sessions.  There are quantity discounts for resellers.

We Have Been Developing Trainers for Over 20 Years

Peak Achievement Training has been selling systems since 1998.  Both Dr. Cowan, the CEO, and Dr. Sokhadze, our independent research collaborator, have written biographical chapters, along with other top pioneers in neurofeedback, in the recent Elsevier book, Neurofeedback: The First Fifty Years.  Our more complete professional product, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, first offered in 2007, is still available.  These are educational instruments that do not require any particular license.

The Happi Trainer Will Be in Short Supply Soon After We Launch

We expect this due to the timeliness of this product, possible supply chain issues during this crisis, and the low introductory price for unlimited use of a very unique professional quality neurofeedback product.

To order, please call us at 800-886-4228 or +1(502)228-0605 from outside the U.S., or Skype us at peakachievement.  It is probably best to make an appointment at before Skyping.  If you have no questions, you can order directly here

We wish you success in using these atypical times to improve your future lives.  Happiness is essential.  You can't put a price on it.  Focus is very helpful.  You can't get this training combination elsewhere.

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