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If you have asked yourself: "How do I improve my golf game?" Here is a powerful answer

"...exploratory examinations of touring professional golfers, experienced golf instructors, and golf students with low to mid handicaps showed EEG biofeedback differences between professional golfers who revealed automatic motor processes and less experienced golfers whose skills have not been encoded as overlearned. The condition for these players is that they probably are still processing verbal-motor behavior in their frontal cortex and that the skill has not been turned over to a higher brain function. Initial testing of EEG activity at the David Leadbetter World Teaching Headquarters using professionals and amateurs on a portable Peak Achievement Trainer revealed graphic visual disruptions between accomplished golfers and those who were developing specific motor competence. The initial findings revealed that when professional golfers and experienced instructors followed their pre-shot initiation or ritual (pre-shot routine) a series of electrical firings (brainwave output in microvolts versus time in seconds) were noted on the graph. However, just before initiating the golf backswing or takeaway, every experienced golfer (n = 6) of high motor proficiency showed a reduction and low electrical activity on the EEG monitor (Peak Achievement Trainer). This reduction of electrical activity or " quiet time" lasted for only a second, but it was positively identified for every accomplished golfer, whether using a five iron, using a driver, or on a 10-foot putting task. The findings were different for students just receiving lessons and those players (n = 4) who were having trouble with a specific component move of their golf swing. The graph revealed that at the initiation of their swings, significant electrical activity was evident and that these amateur golfers never had a "down time" or quiet moment to initiate the swing. Brainwave output was variable and complex during the pre-swing phase, initiating the takeaway and the through-swing phase. These findings may represent a crucial element in discovering what the motor component of trust may be or how well a learned skill movement is edified by the performer."

From an Editorial by Robert M. Quencer, MDa, Robert K. Wintersb and David Leadbetterc in the American Journal of Neuroradiology 24:1033-1034, June-July 2003, describing a study with the previous version of the Peak Achievement Trainer, which showed enhanced concentration as a decrease on the trend graph.

a Editor-in-Chief, American Journal of Neuroradiology.
b Sport Psychologist, David Leadbetter Golf Academies.
c David Leadbetter is widely acknowledged as the world’s number one golf instructor, and his student list, which reads like a Who’s Who of Golf, includes Nick Price, Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, Ernie Els, Charles Howell III, Michael Campbell, Aaron Baddeley, Justin Rose, Lee Westwood, Scott Hoch, and Ty Tryon, among others.

Peak Achievement Training® can improve your brain, and teach you to eliminate your distracting swing thoughts like the pros do.

Like conditioning and strength training for your body for peak performance, a few workouts with the Peak Achievement Trainer® (PAT) produce noticeable improvements in condition and power of your brain. And like a good coach, the PAT system teaches you how to effectively use and continually strengthen your brain for peak performance with golf, whether you trying to improve you putt or improve your golf swing.

Now you can actually see and improve what your brain and body are doing as you strive for peak performance!

The Peak Achievement Trainer® is a complete NeuroVideoFeedback™ program that trains concentration, alertness, and relaxation to achieve peak performance.

Decades of research on human brainwaves, how the brain works and how we may enhance its functionality for peak performance have now produced very effective capabilities for strengthening brainpower.

The NeuroTek team has studied findings from NASA and the US military research on how the human brain works and created an affordable neurofeedback product and service for a wide variety of people including athletes, corporate execs, students, writers, consultants, key employees, children with attention problems and leaders in all professions.

Peak Achievement Training®:
  • Concentrate better while you relax more
  • Improve your golf swing by eliminating distractions
  • Stay focused on the game
  • Conserve your mental energy to finish strong
  • Play at your peak performance
This new proprietary NeuroVideoFeedback™ technique is far more responsive to the user's intensity of attention, concentration, or interest in what he/she is doing than anything else that is available. The Peak Achievement Trainer® teaches how to focus more consistently on improving your golf score and learn new material faster and more thoroughly in order to reach peak performance.

The new FocusedAlert Protocols add the ability to measure and train the degree of alertness/arousal. They can also be used to measure the degree of interest, attention, and alertness.

Faster and easier to learn and use than other neurofeedback training or brainwave feedback systems


Excited Happiness

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Success in Sport
Are you an athlete looking to gain an edge? The Peak Achievement Trainer® has helped hundreds of athletes develop their brain for optimal effectiveness.

Mental Processing
Now measuring & training the Three Principal Dimensions of Mental Processing: Focus, Alertness, and Awareness!

A Peak Performance Center at a Fortune 500 Company doubled their executives' focus time & realized outstanding benefits.

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