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   January 9, 2012     

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                            Simple Brain Training Improves Cognition and Memory

Now that we are all sufficiently startled by the British study showing Cognitive Decline can

 start as early as 45 years of age, what steps can be taken to slow or prevent this problem?

A prize-winning study performed at the University of Louisville, showed a simple form of

brain training can improve cognition, and memory while producing long-lasting

happiness. The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, developed by Dr. Jon Cowan, was used in

this study.  It uses a unique form of EEG biofeedback, called the Neureka! protocol, which

measures the brainwave signature produced by the brain’s system for new learning and

rewards us with positive feelings to encourage us to keep discovering new things. This

equipment greatly improves focus and calmness by training the frontal lobes, the most

advanced part of the brain.

Dr. Tom Budzynski successfully used this approach in his “Brain Brightening” program

for elders at the Univ. of West Florida.  The system translates the brainwaves so the

trainee can easily see their levels of Focus, Neureka! and Alertness versus Calmness.  The

measure of these important aspects of mental processing then controls a DVD output, so

the trainee simply learns to make the picture bigger.  When they do, they are training

that skill in the brain.  The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback

awarded a Citation for this paper, titled "Prefrontal Gamma Feedback Improves Emotional

State and Cognitive Function", which was presented at their 2011 Meeting in New

Orleans.  Dr. Cowan stated: “This innovative method of brain training has the potential to

help many people improve their quality of life by directly strengthening their cognition

and memory and positive feelings. “




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