Happiness, Better Health, Strong Focus and Improved Memory

Are Each Priceless…

We Offer All of Them in One Easy Mental Training!

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro offers easily understandable professional grade neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback) for enhancing attention, memory, and happiness.   The experience is very different from Lumosity or other "brain training" games. Neureka! training is much easier to do and leaves you feeling lots better.

This may be hard to believe, so we're going to provide more scientifically established information than the typical dreamweaving website, rather than just pretty images.  But first...

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Pro PROVIDes many advantages

  • A unique combination of the BrainLink Pro hardware and our special version of BioExplorer training software with specialized methods.  
  • BrainLink has sold over 100,000 systems in China. It's well tested.  
  • It’s a very comfortable, lightweight headband that sends brainwaves via Bluetooth signals to your PC or Mac (with a Windows partition or Boot Camp).
  • Is easy to learn to use, with a fast learning curve and Training Videos. 
  • You can start to understand and control the results in less than two minutes of training.
  • Gets a great signal from simple dry sensors.
  • Your mind triggers and controls the size, brightness, and volume of DVDs, videos, CDs and audio tracks.  Pick your own to make training interesting.  
  • Is simple to use, so that youngsters can practically train themselves, and clinicians can train several clients at once.
  • It’s ideal for group training or a clinician's home rental program, with special volume pricing.

The unique training methods embedded in the software make these remarkable results possible:

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