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  • Every year, you try your best to get Dad the one thing he doesn't have, hoping it will make him happy.   Does it work for very long?   What about a gift he can really enjoy for Father's Day and for years to come?  

  • New university studies demonstrate that a variety of positive feelings enhance our Neureka! measurement.
  • Even more important, a just-finished study shows that only five hours of Peak BrainHappiness Training increases happiness, decreases depression, and also enhances cognitive functioning and memory!
  • Dad will love the new article on how Peak Achievement Training helps professional golfers move up really quickly.  It can help him, too.

Enjoy our news, 

Jon Cowan

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The Gift of Happiness for Father's Day

Wouldn't it be great to give him the gift of long-lasting happiness and a more positive, productive attitude?  

Now you can use a simple, scientifically proven approach to increase anyone's happiness, by training their brain with neurofeedback using the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer .  

It's as simple as sitting in front of a computer for twelve 25-minute sessions--just five hours-- watching beautiful videos.  

The brain produces brainwaves during everything it does.    Research shows when we feel good feelings, such as happiness and love, the brain produces a type of brainwave we call Neureka!    New studies (see below) show people can easily learn to increase the amount of that type of brainwave.   The Trainer processes the brainwave signal, and measures the amount of Neureka!   The more Neureka! brainwaves they produce, the more good feelings, like joy, satisfaction, and gratitude, they feel, and the larger the beautiful video's picture gets.  

If you know someone who could really enjoy life more, but who doesn't seem to have a really positive attitude, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer will make a major difference in their life.  

Everyone in the family can use and appreciate the effects of a gift like this on themselves, and the others will appreciate how much more loving and happy they will become. 

FREE Express Shipping to arrive by Father's Day if you order before 3 PM Friday, June 18.

More Evidence that Neureka! Measures Positive Feelings 

Dr. Estate Sokhadze and I have recently completed two studies which he conducted at the University of Louisville Department of Psychiatry.  We found quite a bit of evidence to support the idea that Neureka! can respond to positive feelings like joy, pleasure, delight, happiness and love. 

The Neureka! output became larger when the subjects felt positive feelings for as little as 6 seconds. It did not go up when they felt the negative or the neutral feelings used in the study.

For details on these experiments, visit this page.

University Study Shows That Peak BrainHappiness Training Enhances Mood, Thinking, and Memory

The benefits of Peak BrainHappiness Training in Dr. Sokhadze's next study were even more powerful than I anticipated.  He trained 11 subjects for 12 sessions of neurovideofeedback, each 25 minutes long--that's just five hours of total training. 

The results showed that after training, the subjects reported they were much happier, and they scored much better on the Beck Depression Inventory .  The happiness measure that we used was the same as the one used by the Household Income and Labor Dynamics Survey reported in the article by Siahpush and associates that I summarized several months ago here.  They showed that a higher happiness score in 2001 predicted a 50% improvement in health in 2004.  This study is consistent with the idea that Peak BrainHappiness Training can increase your long-term health .

Furthermore, the results on the MicroCog test were quite remarkable.  It showed very significant enhancements in general cognitive functioning, information processing accuracy, and memory. 

For all of the details and numbers, please visit this page

A Professional Golfer Moves From 65th to 8th in Earnings and Qualifies for the Major PGA Tour in One Year with the Peak Achievement Trainer

We plan to say a lot more about the remarkable results that professional golfers are having with the Peak Achievement Trainer in a future newsletter.  However, since Father's Day is coming up, we would like to present a summary of Dr. Noel Blundell's work with golfers, courtesy of Golf Victoria.  We're not permitted to use the name of the golfer, although its mentioned in the article.  You'll see a lot more about Dr. Blundell's work with a wide variety of athletes if you look around the site

Upcoming Presentations and Workshops

Dr. Sokhadze and I will be presenting the three studies at the 2010 meeting of the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research in Denver, as papers (on Sunday, October 3) and part of a  workshop , "Gamma:  The New Frontier" (#10, Wednesday, September 29).   We hope you will join us to find out the latest on the brainwaves of happiness.  

Why it's Worth Paying More for the Very Best:

Exclusive benefits:

  • Based on new research revealing the Three Fundamental Dimensions of Mental Processing: Single-pointed Focus, Alertness (arousal), and Neureka! (happiness, satisfaction, learning and memory). Training each can improve brain function.
  • Each state of the art protocol is easy to understand and control, typically taking less than two minutes--creating less frustration and greater success than other systems.
  • These unique protocols can be combined to train specific beneficial mental states, such as high focus with low stress, or excited happiness.
  • Wireless connection to the computer allows tracking athletes on the field or golf course.
  • Sponge Sensors are mounted on athletic headband, golf visor, or headphones.
  • NeuroVideoFeedbackTM lets you record videos of performance while tracking the Three Fundamental Dimensions, to pinpoint when each waxes and wanes.
  • Keeps clients interested by playing their favorite DVDs, CDs, or audio under their brain's control: Starting and stopping them, changing the volume and/or the picture size and brightness to indicate optimal performance.
  • Includes a special version of a very complete neurofeedback program (BioExplorer) which can perform a wide variety of standard neurofeedback protocols for versatility.
  • Allows you to enter the peak performance market for athletes, corporations, and schools with a product that works more powerfully and quickly than anything else.

Real time savings:

  • Comes with 68 designs using the three Protocols in various combinations.
  • The very complete Manuals and workbook teach you all you need to know to get started, so you don't need to go to any training courses.
  • Instantly connects to the scalp with wet sponges, so you don't have to use messy electrode paste or clean up afterwards.
  • Requires minimal adjustments so you can run several clients simultaneously
  • Training is quicker because the protocols are easy to understand.

You can't put a price on happiness!  

For more information or to order, visit http://www.peakachievement.com or call 800-886-4228 or 502-228-0605. Affiliates and distributors are invited.

The Peak Achievement Trainer is an educational instrument. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or disorder and not for clinical use.

the power of YOUR BRAIN at its best

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