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One Person's Story of Success From Using the Peak Achievement Trainer

I discovered neurofeedback while working on a project in Atlanta for a top five consulting firm. My career had been successful but I knew I could do better. And the total Spartan-like dedication for ‘success’ came at the sacrifice of most social life and…I was burnt out. Furthermore, I saw others having the same success without requiring so much sacrifice and dedication.

I had always had a problem with attention, forgetfulness and disorganization, but now I was also always tired, not motivated, could not focus well, and was clearly depressed. On a whim, I found a neurofeedback clinician.

The first time I experienced neurofeedback was for eight minutes at two different head locations (C3, C4): I slept that night for thirteen hours straight. From then forward, after each session, for hours I felt better and could think clearer. Over a few weeks a difference in my mental state throughout the day was crystallizing. First I lost the depression, than I started being able to think clearer and prioritize better. I finally began to hold more energy through the day.

Within a few months the problems that held me back for so long dissolved into a state of mental clarity. I grabbed onto this solution I have been searching for with full force; I was determined to use this tool that helped resolve my weaknesses to now maximize my strengths.

It became perfectly clear to me: every aspect of success in every area of life starts with my most powerful asset: my brain. Strengthening this tool is key to success. In everything.

I purchased my own neurofeedback unit but did not experience as impressive results as at the clinicians’ office. Furthermore, set up and breakdown was very time consuming and the amount of technical understanding to run the system further slowed my progress.

So I went to a neurofeedback conference in Miami, Florida looking for more opportunities to progress. There, I met Jon Cowan of NeuroTek LLC. I used the Peak Achievement Trainer at the NeuroTek booth and in five minutes I clearly understood how it worked and felt progress! I came back the next day and experienced the same thing. I purchased a unit and took it home.

NeuroTek’s Peak Achievement Trainer seemed to have much more accurate training programs: my progress began to take off again! I could focus better, became more alert, more organized and more motivated. The system was very easy to use, intuitive and fun! I could watch the scientific results or simply enjoy the video game interface. NeuroTek had also packaged different protocols (specific selections of brainwaves to work with) into terms non-neuroscience individuals could understand – Alertness, Focus, Concentration, etc. And setting up and breaking down took less than a minute!

The results were surely there – I could subjectively feel them. Performance improvements were both indisputable and numerous. A few examples:
  • The amount of time to finish tasks and sub-projects reduced drastically. Being able to prioritize easier, focus more clearly, and more easily conceptualize how segments fit into the big picture all contributed to this. I also made fewer ‘absent-minded’ mistakes.
  • Focusing during work meetings which used to be a battle was now no problem. I no longer needed to take copius notes: I remembered most of each meeting’s contents. And interactions improved because I became ‘on the ball’ in every meeting.
  • My energy stayed at a high-functioning level throughout the day, improving my contributions further.
  • Perhaps most importantly, I was having fun again while performing exceptionally well at work. And gained the time and energy to grow my personal life.
However I wanted quantitative results, so every few months I took various kinds of tests: I.Q., TOVA – test of variable attention, and other cognitive functioning tests). Every test showed impressive progress and a strong correlation to the amount of time I spent using the machine: the more I trained the smarter I became.

I no longer have problems with attention, focus, alertness, motivation, or energy. For over a year, I have used neurofeedback to ‘keep my brain sharp all the time.’ My ability to learn, comprehend and effectively apply knowledge for desired outcomes has drastically increased both in quality and speed. My ability to lead is greatly enhanced by improving my competence level, decision making ability and confidence.

I am now a successful project management consultant as well as manage and lead a large operation for a national health and life insurance company. I may eventually shift careers towards utilizing neurofeedback within performance enhancement programs for ‘real people.’ By ‘real people’ I mean, not just Olympic athletes and congressmen, but people like you and me. Whatever career path I take, I am much better equipped with a higher-quality mind.

Now I plan to make further advances in my mental capacity. NeuroTek’s recent improvements to the Peak Achievement Trainer system are helping in the endeavor.

To many people it seems to be like a mystery why I place so much emphasis on training with neurofeedback. I have found the easiest answer for most people to understand is a tree analogy: achievements and any ‘progress’ in life is like leaves of a tree where the brain is the base (trunk and roots). Strengthen the base and the leaves grow easier, faster, more plentiful and with less effort. Why more people do not take advantage of this new technology to improve their own life is the biggest mystery to me.

Scott Wesley Albers


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