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A new study published in a major brainwave journal shows how quickly the Peak Achievement Trainer can improve problems with paying attention. There were highly significant improvements in behavior, attention and brainwave measures in just twelve sessions, once a week—a total of five hours of training! This university study found that training was typically complete in fifteen sessions, rather than thirty to sixty sessions by other brainwave biofeedback methods.

The Peak Brain Happiness Trainer is the first instrument that can teach users to improve their memory (without directly training it) and enhance their positive feelings by increasing the brainwave output from the Prefrontal Pleasure Center, a part of the brain’s pleasure system that releases dopamine. Dopamine enhances memory consolidation—transfer of new knowledge to long-term memory--and it makes people feel good as a reward for learning something new.

At last, treatment-resistant depression—the toughest cases—can be consistently helped. The Mood Elevator brainwave biofeedback is based on a large clinical study (183 patients), which showed an 84% success rate in producing major improvements (> 50%) in depression that could not be resolved by other methods, including drugs. These patients actually became better--had even lower scores on their depression scales--a year afterwards than immediately post treatment!

Research shows that when we experience good feelings such as joy and love, the brain produces brainwaves around 40 cycles per second, which the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer processes to create Neureka! brainwave biofeedback. A special protocol in the Trainer processes the brainwave information from the sensors on the person’s head and shows the level of Neureka! on the PC screen, so that we can train ourselves to be happier, healthier, and more successful.

Unbalanced stress will limit our effectiveness at whatever you are trying to accomplish. It is important to find positive and productive ways to deal with the stress. The Peak Achievement Trainer is designed train our level of Focus and Alertness independently, so that we can retain or improve our ability to Focus while our excessive Alertness and the associated stress gradually decreases over a few sessions of training.