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The New Mood Elevator Can Help You Develop the Practice You Really Want!
Here's an easier, highly effective way to help.
Based on new research on treatment-resistant depression showing 84% success after 6 sessions and a year's follow up (N = 183).
Now you can help clients that you couldn't easily assist before.

Enhance the energy and increase the emotional control of those with the blues...
Aid clients who are unhappy and can't focus on their work...
Those that are too stressed to ever relax, smile, and succeed...
People who have forgotten how to be excitedly happy...
Teach them to be alert and happy - even excitedly happy - and to directly improve their fundamental skills of mental processing through a simple, highly effective brainwave biofeedback training system.

Our clear measurements of Focus, Neureka! and Alertness/Calm, and the new Mood Elevator Protocol allow your client to quickly improve, and have better conscious control of them. They are also extremely effective with problems paying attention.
Enjoy the easy, pleasant sessions.

Since the clients spend most of their time engaged with the biofeedback from the Trainer, your role is to sit by and silently observe, making adjustments and occasional coaching comments.

You and the client are both looking at very pleasant videos, which respond to their success by moving forward and getting bigger and louder.

It's a lot easier than the typical clinical session. It can provide the break that you often need.

You or an assistant can run more than one client in adjacent cubicles on separate systems.
Create a happiness, wellness, and longevity enhancement program in your office.

Research shows that when the brain learns to enhance Neureka!, happiness improves. They remain at that happier place for at least four months. Their memory is also significantly improved. Studies show that greater happiness improves future health.

The Mood Elevator minimizes depressed feelings, energizes the client, and complements Neureka! Read more about it here.
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E-mail: info@peakachievement.com

Affiliates and distributors are invited.
The Peak Brain Happiness Trainer is an educational instrument.
It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or disorder and not for clinical use.