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New Research Demonstrates Improvements in Autistic Issues

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer Offers Easy Training to the Home User or the Professional

We are offering a new approach to improving the problems of autistic children and adults that:

  • Is based on published, NIH-funded University research, which has won multiple awards
  • Is simple to use at home or in the office
  • Simultaneously improves two types of brain function to enhance both focus of attention and understanding events
  • Maintains the user's interest by allowing them to select video material to view while they train
  • Allows unlimited training sessions to create continuous improvement
  • Is easier to understand than any other neurofeedback (brainwave biofeedback) system
  • Does not require an expensive brainmap (QEEG) which is really difficult with these children
  • Is the only neurofeedback system that offers this trade secret and patented approach
Purchasing a Peak BrainHappiness Trainer will allow you to participate in a joint effort to understand just how valuable further training sessions can be for your child or loved one.  As the chart to the right shows, the research indicates that there is a trend of progressively better brainwaves from session to session.  If you would like to read more about the research study, check out this summary or the published article.  (Two similar studies can be found on our Articles page.)

The key point is that we know that the article recently published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience indicates that the Peak BrainHappiness Training can produce significant improvements in autistic issues in just 18 sessions, but we don't know how much better autistic issues will get with more sessions.  With home training, once you buy our Trainer, the additional sessions are all free.  Dr. Sokhadze's experience indicates that the children really enjoy them, so you can do several a week for more rapid progress.  My formerly autistic son loved the sessions so much he ran his own without being prompted, and didn't even load any entertainment most of the time, because Neureka! feels good.  In fact, a group of adolescents trained with Neureka! increased their happiness for at least four months.  Their memory also improved.

Interested in learning more? Please call us at 502-228-0605 or 800-886-4228 for more specific info on autistic improvement.  You can also join our mailing list, find out about our pricing, and receive a special report, Understanding and Activating Your Brain's Pleasure Centers. Just CLICK HERE.


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