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Types of Peak Achievement Training

There are twelve different and complementary types of training which are possible using the Peak Achievement Trainer®:
  • Strengthening the ability of the brain's Executive Attention Network to momentarily focus attention.
  • Strengthening the ability of the midbrain to momentarily intensify alertness/arousal.
  • Strengthening the ability of the Executive Attention Network to sustain focused attention.
  • Strengthening the ability of the midbrain to sustain alertness/arousal.
  • Simultaneously increasing Focus and Alertness to meet a heavy demand.
  • Keeping Focus up while lowering Alertness/Arousal to decrease stress.
  • Focusing attention on parts of the body that the coach wishes to work with.
  • Train the user to take brief, relaxing microbreaks which recharge the brain.
  • Find the best possible degree of alertness/arousal to perform particular activities optimally.
  • Perform arbitrary sequences of concentration, alertness, and microbreaks.
  • Discover and enhance performance of the sequences that are optimal for particular activities.
  • Perform these sequences despite distractions such as self-talk and crowd noise. 


An important advantage in using the Peak Achievement Trainer® is that it has the ability to provide measurable results. Training sessions can be saved and later printed out for study and review with the student. Key activities can be videoed in combination with the client's pattern of Focus and Alertness, wirelessly at a distance. Coaches and athletes have found this to be very helpful in tracking progress so that they know precisely how they are doing. Athletes can individually learn, and trainers can actually teach their clients how to visualize their performance more effectively, since the Trainer reflects how absorbed they are in the image. Once they are absorbed, the Trainer will tell how focused the athlete is on the activity they are imaging, as well as how alert they are. You can then analyze their sequence of focus, alertness, and microbreaks, and compare it with an optimum sequence. The coach can actually watch their focus wax and wane as they visualize each part of the activity, and intervene to improve it.

Results are quick. Improvements can be achieved in less than five 20 to 30-minute sessions, with peak mental training in under 20 sessions. The improvements are very long lasting. The Peak Achievement Trainer® can be used to improve an athlete's focus on sights, sounds, or even a particular part of their body. This can be particularly helpful if the session can be combined with or followed by coaching on how to move this body part more effectively. There are many powerful approaches that can be created with this new ability to actually see how well an athlete is focusing.

The Trainer is the only Neurovideofeedback™ system available that is very user-friendly, portable, understandable, and affordable. It is designed both for individual use by athletes or for professional use by trainers, coaches, and sport psychologists. Athletes can become more mentally fit with the Trainer. They can quickly improve their ability to visualize that perfect performance, reduce anxiety, help eliminate pain, and better their odds at winning. They may be able to help themselves to get to, and stay in, "The Zone", and learn how to enhance their "Iceberg Profile", which measures moods associated with winning. It may also help to improve strength and fitness training by enhancing their focus as they pump iron.


Just follow the "Quick Guide to Performing a Peak Achievement Training® Session" to put on the SensorPhone a headphone with wet sponge Sensors, and start a session. All you have to do is wet the Sensors with salt water, click a few times, and you’re in training. Focus on the line on the screen and it goes down. The tighter you focus, the lower it goes. There is also a sound that increases in pitch as you focus more intensely. Within minutes, you feel as if you are in control.

Furthermore, the Peak Achievement Trainer® can actually tell you how absorbed an athlete is in the mental images they are creating! Just imagine all the powerful approaches you can create with this new ability to actually see how well an athlete is focusing. The Trainer has the unique ability to actually track the users' changes in focus as they are visualizing themselves doing a particular task or sport. For example, the coach and/or the athlete can actually see and hear the changes in the athlete's focus on the computer screen and through the speakers during a tennis volley as the player imagines himself deciding on how to hit the ball (the line and the pitch go up), and then taking a mentally relaxing microbreak as it goes over the net. First, the player focuses in on a static image--for example, a still picture of themselves before they start a task. Then, they put 90% of their attention on the image and use the other 10% to track the sound. It increases in pitch as they become more absorbed. The athlete does this until they are thoroughly absorbed and the line on the screen is as high as they can get it. Then they set the image into motion, visualizing their favorite sport. The pitch of the sound tracks how intensely focused they are from moment to moment. Later, they can review their focusing during the visualization by looking at the shape of the line on the screen.


The more that the brain practices concentration, the easier the task becomes. This is the basis for all learning. The Peak Achievement Training® activates the Executive Attention Network part of the brain--the part that has been recently identified as controlling attention to important tasks and to new learning. With this continued mental exercise, brain function improves, the metabolism and blood flow to the affected parts of the brain are increased, and the tissue grows better connections between brain cells. This is very similar to the tissue changes after exercising a muscle.

By enhancing the function of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex and the prefrontal lobe, the Peak Achievement Trainer® improves the user’s ability to pay attention. Due to the patents that have been issued for the Peak Achievement Trainer® and the InAll protocol, the Trainer is the only Neurovideofeedback™ method that can be used for directly strengthening the Executive Attention Network and Anterior Cingulate Cortex to improve concentration.

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A Peak Performance Center at a Fortune 500 Company doubled their executives' focus time & realized outstanding benefits.

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