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Studies Show Our System is 3.6 Times Faster than Standard Neurofeedback.

Dear JD,

  • Studies show the Focus and Alertness Protocols produced good results 3.6 times quicker.

  • A good way to directly improve the elusive “mental game”

Enjoy our news, 

Jon Cowan

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Recent Study Shows Faster Results Using a Better Method

 A recent study showed some remarkable changes in attention (first chart) in just 12 sessions (5 hours total) of Focus and Alertness training. ADHD subjects showed 25% improvement in visual attention and 44% improvement in auditory attention in 12 sessions. The study  presented by Dr. Estate (Tato) Sokhadze from the University of Louisville at the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research meeting.


The next chart shows significant improvements in lethargy, hyperactivity, and inappropriate speech in subjects from this study.  All of these were significant at p < .05 or better, which is extraordinary for such a short training period.  


We compared these results with the only chart we have seen in the neurofeedback literature which also addressed improving attention. [Hershel Toomim republished 2009]. 


Looking at the amount of improvement per session, we extrapolated that the amount of improvement in our subjects in 12 sessions would have taken 43 sessions with the other method.

The way the special algorithms of the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer measure and display the three important dimensions of brain function make it clear to the client what their brain is doing in real time. The direct feedback with this superior method helps the client learn these important skills more easily and quickly. 

The two studies used different attention tests, but we believe the scaled scores from both tests are similar for pre-post comparisons. The Visual IVA Score used in our study is the most comparable to the older TOVA used in the other study, so we based our 3.6 times speed comparison on it.  


New Video Shows a Direct Way to Improve the Mental Game 

After the golfing basics, what can make your game better?  Reaching the top of your game in golf, or any activity, depends on the level of the “mental game”.  

Our new YouTube video shows how the PAT helps a professional golfer polish his “mental game” by clearly showing him his brain activity and pointing out the correct sequence of Focus and Alertness in his preshot routine.  One of the reasons this system is so effective is the ability of the PAT to record a simultaneous video of the golfer in action along with the PAT brainwave readout.  Golfers can then find the correct sequence and train themselves to perform it during every shot. 

Some of the major brain skills involved with a strong mental game include:

Concentration - The most effective way to learn is through clear, direct, real-time feedback, such as the feedback provided by the Peak Achievement Trainer [PAT].

Alertness - The ability to remain calm and yet go to full alertness when needed is a valuable skill, which can be learned with this system.

Neureka!  - The ability to recognize and change the way we feel to more positive feelings using Neureka! training can decrease anxiety and stress between shots, and reduce that distraction.

Neureka! is our clarification of the special portion of the 40 Hz which relates to learning, memory, awareness and that good feeling we get when we learn something new. When people learned to raise it, in 12 sessions, they reported themselves happier, had less depressed feelings [Beck Depression Inventory], and had better cognition and memory [MicroCog].


 See an article by a top sports mental trainer on the PAT. 

World famous golf trainer David Leadbetter studied the Peak Achievement Trainer, working with both pros and novices.  He was able to find important differences between their sequences of focus.



Using decades of research on human brainwaves, brain function, and training methods, including research from NASA and the US military, we have created an easy-to-use brainwave biofeedback instrument for strengthening brain power.  Digital processing makes it clear and easy to see three main dimensions of brain function.  People find it faster and easier to learn and use than other methods using brainwave biofeedback.  It is designed to help a wide variety of people including athletes, corporate execs, students, writers, consultants, key employees, children with problems paying attention and leaders in all professions. 

The Peak Achievement Trainer® helps clients learn how to focus better and reach peak performance in sports as well as acedemics - keeping them playing well and in the game.


Why it's Worth Paying More for the Very Best:

Exclusive benefits of the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer:

Ø Based on new research revealing the Three Fundamental Dimensions of Mental Processing: Single-pointed Focus, Alertness (arousal), and Neureka! (happiness, satisfaction, learning and memory).  Training each can improve brain function.

Ø Each state of the art protocol is easy to understand and control, typically taking less than two minutes--creating less frustration and greater success than other systems.

Ø These unique protocols can be combined to train specific beneficial mental states, such as high focus with low stress, or excited happiness. 

Ø Wireless connection to the computer allows tracking athletes on the field or golf course.

Ø Sponge Sensors are mounted on athletic headband, golf visor, or headphones.

Ø NeuroVideoFeedback™ lets you record videos of performance while tracking the Three Fundamental Dimensions, to pinpoint when each waxes and wanes.

Ø Keeps clients interested by playing their favorite DVDs, CDs, or audio under their brain’s control:  Starting and stopping them, changing the volume and/or the picture size and brightness to indicate optimal performance.

Ø Includes a special version of a very complete neurofeedback program (BioExplorer) which can perform a wide variety of standard neurofeedback protocols for versatility.

Ø Allows you to enter the peak performance market for athletes, corporations, and schools with a product that works more powerfully and quickly than anything else.


Real time savings:

Ø Comes with 68 designs using the three Protocols in various combinations.

Ø The very complete Manuals and workbook teach you all you need to know to get started, so you don’t need to go to any training courses.

Ø Instantly connects to the scalp with wet sponges, so you don’t have to use messy electrode paste or clean up afterwards.

Ø Requires minimal adjustments so you can run several clients simultaneously

Ø Training is quicker because the protocols are easy to understand.

Our Peak Achievement Trainer has been used to enhance peak performance at seven Olympic Training Centers, including the U.S., Canada, China, and England; and with many elite athletes and college teams, as well as Fortune 500 companies.   On a lighter note, our patented approach is at the hub of the brainwave-powered toys that will be making a big splash again this Christmas.  

You can't put a price on happiness!  

For more information or to order, visit the Peak BrainHappiness website or call 800-886-4228 or 502-228-0605. Affiliates and distributors are invited.

The Peak Achievement Trainer is an educational instrument. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or disorder and not for clinical use.

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