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Live Better With Peak Achievement Training®

Peak Achievement Training® can change lives of students, executives, sportsmen, and those with difficulties concentrating whether or not they are due to a disorder or injury, people with problems paying attention. Brainwave feedback has been documented to improve grades, and significantly enhance performance on standardized IQ and performance tests.



  • More easily finding and staying in "The Zone"
  • Refining athletic skills and performance
  • Sustaining focus on the game even when fatigued
  • Reducing discipline problems
  • Learning plays faster and executing better.
  • Eliminating "dumb" mistakes, (e.g. forgetting the snap count) and reducing penalties
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving physical fitness and strength training
  • Staying eligible to play by improving grades
  • Improving the ability to focus away from pain


  • Paying better attention in class
  • Improving grades
  • Reducing stress for better test taking skills
  • Improving behavior by reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity
  • Enhancing results on standardized IQ and performance tests
  • Staying focused and on task
  • Spending less time studying


  • Better focus during critical meetings and phone calls
  • Improving focusing while enhancing relaxation to decrease stress and the resulting absenteeism and medical costs
  • Mastering new tasks and material more quickly
  • Improving sales performance and business relationships by really learning how to listen to others
  • Counteracting age-related cognitive decline and memory loss
  • Improving organizational skills
  • Bettering accuracy
  • Reducing workplace violence
  • Opening channels of communication for better employee/employer relationships
  • Developing better work habits
  • Enhancing the capability for long-lasting performance

Jonathan D. Cowan, Ph.D.
Peak Achievement Training® is based on a brainwave training protocol discovered by NeuroTek's Jonathan D. Cowan, Ph.D., a Certified Neurofeedback Therapist , that is so unique and powerful that we have received a patent on it

The Cowan Protocol directly trains the Executive Attention Network, the part of the brain that organizes its response to virtually every situation. It will enhance your ability to learn new material and to focus more intensely on sensations of almost any kind. You can learn to shut out the conversations with yourself that distract you and keep you from performing at your peak.

For more information check out the Fact Sheet

These are just a few of the many applications!

The Peak Achievement Trainer®TM can teach you to steer toward and stay in "The Zone" -- to intensify and prolong your single-pointed focus on almost anything you can pay attention to - from the three R's to foul shooting.

By focusing fully, you can feel the movement of your club head or your tennis racket more completely and thoroughly. You will feel the benefits within just a few short sessions.

Finding time for that microbreak can recharge your brain and let it perform at its peak right afterwards. This Windows-based system will actually train you to cycle between concentrating and taking microbreaks while you are doing another task, or even a video game. This flexibility will help you stay in "The Zone".

Find out what the Fitness Columnist said about how it helped her to concentrate and train her visualization of several sports.

For a National Public Radio report on neurofeedback:
A school in Yonkers, NY is treating children afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder with neurofeedback
Weekend Edition Saturday - May 16, 1998


Excited Happiness

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Success in Sport
Are you an athlete looking to gain an edge? The Peak Achievement Trainer® has helped hundreds of athletes develop their brain for optimal effectiveness.

Mental Processing
Now measuring & training the Three Principal Dimensions of Mental Processing: Focus, Alertness, and Awareness!

A Peak Performance Center at a Fortune 500 Company doubled their executives' focus time & realized outstanding benefits.

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It is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease or disorder, not for clinical use, and cannot be used for evaluating advertising or other media.

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