The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer produces outstanding, documented improvements in brain function, and provides long-lasting help with a variety of problems. It improves brain function for better focus, memory, mood, happiness, and less stress. It creates far quicker and more powerful results than other brainwave biofeedback systems or many other approaches.

It is simple to set up and to learn to use. This system is specifically designed so anyone can learn how to run it from the training videos, and then understand how to use it to improve their brain function in about two minutes of training, rather than learning about brainwave biofeedback from the bottom up. The biofeedback allows the user to control the playback, size, brightness and volume of DVDs, CDs, and media files to keep them interested. It is a complete product, with everything needed to get started except the PC with Bluetooth--including screen designs, manuals, a workbook, and training videos. The new DS (Dry Sensor) wireless system is designed for individual use by the general public or for professional use by performance trainers, therapists, coaches, sport psychologists, and counselors.  Bluetooth transmission links you to free or low cost brainwave-based entertainment software for PC, Android, Mac and iOS.