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The Peak Achievement Trainer® DS from NeuroTek LLC

PEAK = Performance Enhancement for Action and Knowledge

Now featuring Wireless Neurovideofeedback™. A professional system simple enough for the home user.

The Peak Achievement Trainer DS is a complete product, including everything that you need to get started except the PC and the camera. It differs from other neurofeedback systems, which take a lot of time to configure and learn to use. The Trainer is the only neurovideofeedback™ system available that is very user-friendly, portable, and understandable. This system is specifically designed so anyone can learn how to use it and get 'on track' for strengthening their brain in about 2 minutes. It is designed for individual use by the general public, or for professional use by trainers, therapists, coaches, sport psychologists, and counselors.

This complete, easy to use training package includes everything you need--except the PC and Windows--to do neurovideofeedback™ . The centerpiece is a wireless brainwave analyzer that transmits the information to a receiver that attaches to your personal computer.  In addition, the Trainer includes:
  • The SensorBand system
  • The BioExplorer based software system and copy protection HASP
  • Our exclusive protocols
  • A detailed (122 page) training Manual and Workbook for the Peak Achievement Trainer
  • A Quick Guide to Performing Peak Achievement Sessions
  • A battery charger
  • 1 year of Support and Program Updates
  • 1 hour of program consultation

NEW: Now includes instructions on finding and recording your Optimal Performance State

It is much simpler to use than neurofeedback or brainwave (EEG) biofeedback instruments, and far more accurate. So simple, in fact, that you can slip on the patented SensorBandTM in less than 30 seconds, and so accurate that you understand that the video and sounds reflect your Focus and Alertness within the first two minutes that you try each type of feedback. No other system even comes close! Most systems take several sessions under the guidance of a professional to teach the kind of control that you can achieve in just a few minutes with our patented protocols. You don't have to go through the time consuming and worrisome hassle of figuring out how to create and use neurofeedback designs and displays. You will save so much valuable time that any price difference pales in comparison.

The SensorBandTM is a headband with a Velcro closure at the rear. Sensor locations are fixed for optimum Peak Achievement Training®, yet they are adjustable for head size. The SensorBand holds the lightweight Transmitter--just two ounces with the battery--or you can wear the Transmitter as a pendant. You can move around within the range of Bluetooth wireless transmission.  Connections to the head are simple and quick.  Just place the new Dry Sensors in the right location and fasten the Velcro at the back of the head.  Attach the earclip to your earlobe. 

The Software 

Our software features neurovideofeedback™ --the Peak Achievement Trainer® VR (Video Recording) system, which is also part of our XR (Extended Range) system.

Follow this link for a full description.

This highly accurate software analyzes your brainwaves and shows you when you are focusing and when you are not by changing the sounds from the computer and several displays on the screen.

You focus tightly on a moving line on the computer screen, which responds by moving higher. The pitch of the flute sound shifts higher as you focus on any sight, sound, image, or part of the body. Almost every user can understand and control this feedback within about three minutes.

The Instructional Materials

There is a very detailed Manual for installing and operating the VR/XR software and the training protocols.  Two of the five lessons in the manual/workbook train you how to take a microbreak that rests and recharges the brain, using two audio tracks that are included in our installation CD. To teach you even more completely, we have included the PowerPoint of a complete training seminar.

Product Details

A completely configured laptop system is available by special order.

Replacement Sensors are available in orders of 15 or more to replace those which become soiled.  There is no limit on the number you can add to your original order.

For more information, call us at 800-886-4228, (502-228-0605 outside the U.S. and Canada) or fill out the Information Request Form.


Better Focus in Teens
A recent study shows that teens were able to achieve higher levels of focus while using the Peak Achievement Trainer.

Now featuring Neurovideofeedback™--monitoring both the body and the brain!

Featured Study
Read the study that shows proof that you can achieve positive emotions through this Trainer.

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Success in Sport
Are you an athlete looking to gain an edge? The Peak Achievement Trainer® has helped hundreds of athletes develop their brain for optimal effectiveness.

Mental Processing
Now measuring & training the Three Principal Dimensions of Mental Processing: Focus, Alertness, and Awareness!

A Peak Performance Center at a Fortune 500 Company doubled their executives' focus time & realized outstanding benefits.

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