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Neureka! Main Design, The Interface & Controls


1. Volume Controls


Controls to adjust each signal-related sound.  Each sound has a movable volume bar underneath it.  There is also a check box next to each sound to completely mute that sound.  To be become familiar with what sound goes with what goal, turn Neureka! on and go through each sound’s mute.  Once familiar adjust the sounds to be most effective and comfortable for your ears.

Blink Sound – Signals if you are blinking

Neureka! Sound – Signals if you are below the Neureka! Threshold

Neureka! Triggers DVD – Volume of DVD Player when activate by successfully bringing Neureka! levels about the threshold

2. Record/Playback Controls

These work similarly to the controls in DVD player and recorder software. 


The software always starts off in the Capture mode.  To start capturing brainwave data from the Peak Achievement Trainerä, press the Play button.  At that point, your preferences (see the section below on BioExplorer > Preferences) will govern how you enter the file information.  If you then hit the Pause button, you will stay in the same file.  If you Stop the capture, you will have to start a new file to continue.


3. Trend Graph





A rolling (right to left) graph displaying performance levels for Neureka!, Alertness & Focus.  Since they can’t see the legends (too squashed), you have to explain the color code.

4. Meters Group A

M 10s Focus – 10 Second Average for Focus

M Total Focus - Total Average for Focus

% Total Focus – Percent of Time Above the Threshold Goal Set

M 10s Alert – 10 Second Average for Alertness

M Total Alert - Total Average for Alert

% Total Alert - Percent of Time Above the Threshold Goal Set

M 10s N! – 10 Second Average for Neureka!

M Total N! – Total Average for Neureka!

% Total N! - Percent of Time Above the  Threshold Goal Set

SD 10s Focus – Rolling 10 Second Average for the Standard Deviation on Focus

5.        To Mark Events         


Sets a mark (a vertical black line) within the Trend Graph...

6.    Totals Reset

Resets all digital statistics (except Run times and 10 Second Averages) to Zero and starts counting again immediately.



7.     Raw Signal


Raw Brainwave Signal – all frequencies combined, no filters:  shows strength of connection

 8. Thresholds





Thresholds – Where goals are set and adjusted.  You can watch how far above and below the goals you perform.  There are also threshold indicators for user-created interference.  To change the goal simply click and hold the green or red line inside the graph and drag it up or down to the desired level.  If two lines exists within one graph, they create a range for optimal performance.

Blink – Lets you know that your eye blinking is interfering with signal readings

Focus – Goal setting area for Focus

Alert – Goal setting area for Alertness

N! – Goal setting area for Neureka!

9.    Neureka! Run Time



Latest length of time the user has spent above the goal set for Neureka!

10.   DVD Player


DVD Player – Activated when goals are met, stopped when the user falls below the set goals

11.  Best Neureka! Run Time


The user’s longest running amount of time within the session for Neureka!

12.  Spectrogram


Rolling graph showing different colors for varying strengths in amplitude across all the monitored frequencies.


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