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A Breakthrough for Seniors’ Memory and Wellness

Now modern science provides an easy way to help seniors and boomers improve their memory, focus, and mood by enhancing their brain function.

This research-based equipment helps you live better without taking additional drugs.
 The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer
Benefits include: 

Ø Better Memory

Ø Enhanced Happiness, Health and Quality of Life

Ø Reduced Depressed Feeling and Melancholy

Ø Better Focus

Ø Fewer Accidents

Ø Better Ability to Conduct Activities of Daily Living

Ø Decreased Stress

This ground-breaking system is the clearest and simplest in brainwave biofeedback.  The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer reads the actual brainwaves that are produced during the user’s brain activity by using sponge Sensors on a headband and high quality electronics. The software clearly shows three main dimensions of mental processing on the PC screen: Focus, Alertness, and Neureka!  It demonstrates the real-time changes so users can easily learn to improve these important capacities:

*   The ability to improve memory and generate feelings of happiness and satisfaction is facilitated by enhancement of the Neureka! brain system for processing new learning.
*   The ability to remain calm and yet go to full Alertness when needed.
*   Single-pointed Focus for concentration on a perception, thought or image.

Clinical Experience Demonstrates Major Improvements

The Mayo Clinic is now offering neurofeedback training for dementia, as the direct result of a very successful case in which regrowth of the brain was demonstrated.  Our patented Focus Protocol was a key part of the highly successful Brain Brightening program for seniors at the Univ. of West Florida and the Univ. of Washington, conducted by  Dr. Tom Budzynski.  Tom and his wife Helen, a Professor at the Univ. of Washington, wrote about the remarkable transformations that the program created, improving seniors' memory and cognition, and a "resurgence of abilities in relevant areas of their lives".  They documented the changes by measuring them with the MicroCog, a computerized set of cognitive tests developed at Harvard.  Tom was very well known as one of the founding fathers of biofeedback.  He started the first clinical outpatient biofeedback practice and originated EMG (muscle) biofeedback.  

Improving Basic Brain Function Has Widespread and Lasting Effects

Studies at the University of Louisville by Dr. Tato Sokhadze and collaborators support the idea that memory and happiness are related.  Both are enhanced by Neureka! training and the measured effects are long-lasting—at least four months after finishing.  When yThe Prefrontal Pleasure Centerou learn something new, your brain responds by releasing dopamine, the brain chemical involved in the pleasure circuits of the brain.  Dopamine enhances memory consolidation—transfer of new knowledge to long-term memory--and it makes you feel good as a reward for learning something new.  The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer is the first instrument that can teach users to directly enhance memory and positive feelings by increasing the brainwave output from the Prefrontal Pleasure Center, a part of the brain’s pleasure system involving dopamine. 

Studies indicate that enhancing happiness should also improve future health and success in relationships.  These are huge benefits for seniors. 

Another University of Louisville study, published in Clinical EEG and Neuroscience, showed that training Focus and Alertness decreased the amount of slow brainwaves (delta and theta), which are typically increased with aging and dementia.  Just five hours of training also increased the power of higher frequency brainwaves (alpha and beta) which are typically decreased in aging and dementia.  Although this study was done in youngsters with attention problems, the improvements in attention and brainwaves should also be noted in the senior population, as the Budzynskis observed. 

There are many more studies that support the effectiveness of neurofeedback for attention problems.  In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics just raised their rating of biofeedback and neurofeedback as an intervention for Attention Problems and Hyperactivity to Category 1 "Best Research Support".   

A recent large British study showed that cognitive decline can start as early as 45 years old.  Faster brain activity in those over 45 will not only slow the onset of mental decline, but also lead to better balance and stability, fewer falls, and improved ability to perform Activities of Daily Living.  More ability and confidence leads to greater independence.

Dr. Stanley Krippner, a world-famous psychologist in his 80s and an author of over 25 books, has been happier for many months after just one session: "The happiness that emerged from the session has never left me, and I go back to some of the self-monitoring techniques I used during the session to keep me contented, alert, and positive during each day."  For more information on his experience and a video about the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer, visit this page

To summarize, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer combines both types of neurofeedback--FocusedAlert to enhance attention, and Neureka! to improve memory and mood.  This instrument does not do anything harmful to the brain. It is not a drug or entrainment. It is training--consciously learning a skill. It simply measures and displays indicators of Focus, Alertness, and Neureka!, so the user can see how to increase them. However, these methods do directly change the brain’s function at a fundamental level.  It is therefore far more powerful and wide-reaching than any brain workout exercise or practice doing a specific activity.  Furthermore, many studies indicate that being happy enhances your future health and success.

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer is a Complete, Easy to Use Training System

The Trainer improves focus, and enhances feelings of happiness, gratitude, joy, and peace. It decreases stress and increases memory, awareness, and mindfulness by detecting brainwaves (called Neureka!) related to these experiences.  It processes them and clearly shows them on the PC screen. The system includes DVDs and CDs that are specifically selected to get the mood moving in the right direction. People simply play them (or their own selections) inside the large window on the right of the computer's screen. As they begin to feel better, the display will get larger and the music will be louder. With this instantaneous feedback about feelings, users are able to enhance positive ones by directly activating the brain system that produces these feelings--the Prefrontal Pleasure Center. The user soon begins to understand how to create the feelings that are necessary to keep the picture larger—directly, without the use of words or thoughts.  The ability to control each of the feedback protocols develops very rapidly, typically within the first two minutes. 

All that’s needed is a computer with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10, which meets standard requirements. Installation and use is simple enough that a typical user can get started and be feeling better within just an hour or two. Four Training Videos and an hour of consultation on how to best use the equipment are included.  A pre-configured laptop is available for $1000 extra. Some seniors may need help starting a session, but they can then continue on their own.  With more use, people learn how to feel better, and it becomes easier to reach and maintain that special happy place!

The Trainer Can Benefit and Integrate Into Seniors Programs In Several Ways

In addition to the individual benefits to seniors and the improvements they provide to the smooth functioning of the programs, such as decreasing the demands on staffers as residents improve, there are other potential benefits to the program.  Senior programs that have successfully implemented high quality brain fitness programs have found this to be a very substantial sales advantage.  As the word gets around the community, residents actually will transfer to the facility to obtain the benefits of the program, and residency rates will rise.  Children of residents will really appreciate this effort and urge the parents to select a facility with a high quality brain fitness program. 

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer can be situated within the program in several ways:

Ø As a free-standing recreational activity with some supervision available.

Ø As part of a brain fitness program, either for free or at a nominal extra cost.

Ø As part of a cognitive rehabilitation program, administered by a licensed therapist.

Ø   Reselling the system to residents.

Insurance payments for neurofeedback are possible on an individualized basis.  We have had success in obtaining over $300 per session for some clients using a legitimate coding approach.  This approach does not involve making a claim for the therapeutic or diagnostic efficacy of the equipment, which is not yet FDA approved.  We welcome potential collaborators interested in studies that can be used for this purpose.  At present, age-related cognitive decline and/or memory loss, as well as low mood are not considered to be medically diagnosed conditions. 

Most fundamentally, however, adopting this really beneficial program is the right thing to do to help your clients live better lives.  Its what you would want your caregivers to provide. 


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